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Let's Buy a Brick

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Let's Buy a Brick

Q: What's a Brick?
A: Our brick will be one of the bricks salvaged (after the explosion) from the oldest part of MA's North Campus
Q: What makes our brick so special?
A: It will have the year our class garaduated engraved into its front side; 1964
Q: How ,much will the brick cost?
A: Oddly enough, it will cost $1,913, the year MA was founded
Q: I want to leave my mark. How can I participate?
A: Make out a check payable to Minnehaha Academy (it's tax-deductible that way).
A: Mail the check to:
Diana Lindgren Lundquist
2201 Dupont Ave No
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Diana will remit the checks to MA as funds come rolling in.

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