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Let's Buy a Brick

Skip Navigation LinksThe Minnehaha Academy Class of 1964 50th Reunion included the display of a contemporary art quilt made by class members. The inspiration for the project came from Janet Olson Hagberg, who specializes in making contemporary quilted icons. She was joined by Charlotte Green Jensen, Diana Lindgren Lundquist and Diane Strandberg Schommer. Together they designed and made this quilt to honor the class. Initially over 130 hexagons were sewn in school colors of red and white accented with black and gray. Then the group gathered at Janet's studio to place hexagons on a large felted panel and plan the design. It was fun and creative to move pieces around and study them until the pattern emerged. The group settled on an abstract design that incorporated bursts of color and movement to reflect the energy, harmony and challenges experienced at M.A. The next quilting session was spent sewing strips of fabric together on several sewing machines, ironing seams and feeling the excitement of seeing the work come together. With this stage completed a 'quilting bee' was organized to begin the process of traditional hand-quilting.

The quilt will be offered to 50th Reunion classmates for a minimum price of $1200 on the night of September 13th. The money will be used for MA Scholarships for th 2014-2015 school year. If no one wishes to purchase the quilt, MA will offer the quilt at their Fall Fundraiser.

Scholarship Challenge!